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Have you tried Kannoko Light shochu?

We’ve reviewed the regular Japanasch Zachy Kannoko shochu from Satsuma Shuzo in the past. Given this, we were intrigued last month when we saw advertisements for Kannoko Light while traveling in Japan.  While there we saw advertisement everywhere from TV to postings within the subway cars.  This intrigued us, but while on the flight home we realized that we never actually had the opportunity to try Kannoko Light while out in bars or shopping in liquor stores.  So this begs the question, have you tried Kannoko Light?  What does it taste like?  Were you able to buy it in America?  We’d love to try this new heavily publicized shochu, but have not had the opportunity.



Shochu Website Update – NY Mutual Trading


Image courtesy of NY Mutual Trading

We at ShochuDistilled would like to be a one stop shop for all information about Shochu.  That said, when a website puts out useful information, we feel its our responsibility to make our readers aware.  New York Mutual Trading Corp. recently updated their website dedicated to shochu.  A bit interesting is the fact that their obligatory promotional information links are all currently dead.  That said, their FAQ is up and quite interesting, and the highlight of their website is a batch of 41 drink recipes that was created by Gen Yamamoto of Lounge Zen in Teaneck NJ.

Though I don’t make it out to Teaneck often, the recipes look worth a try.  They range from obvious shochu versions of classics like the Pure Screwdriver to drinks that are more tailored to asian ingredients, such as the Towari of the Soba-ya.  We look forward to sampling and experimenting with these drink recipes soon!

Haamonii Shochu – MIA???

Image care of Tinou Bao

Image care of Tinou Bao

In covering shochu news we at Shochu Distilled take care to pay special attention to the American shochu distillers.  Potentially the most famous amongst these is Haamonii Smooth.  Haamonii Smooth is based in the Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco California.  They are best known for their Regular and lemon infused shochu.

Recently I made efforts to review their shochu, but came across some unexpected roadblocks.  Their websites and both now redirect to BlueHost’s default page.  In looking at their Facebook page it looks like the last post on what was a very active Facebook page was on September 22 of 2012.  In speaking with fellow blogger EveryDayDrinker, they seem to not know of Haamonii’s recent whereabouts either.  The one positive bit of news is that their shochu is still available at D & M Liquors, which is also based in Pacific Heights.  So the question is, does anyone know what happened to Haamonii Shochu?