Event in NYC! Shochu Tasting at Sakamai

Image Courtesy of Sakamai

Image Courtesy of Sakamai

So I’ve previously mentioned that Sakamai creates exciting events but have had problems attending them all due to the short notice I have when I discover them online.  I saw this event on Tuesday, and though that’s not a huge amount of notice, I hadn’t made plans for Friday and the fact that this event is at 10pm means that work really shouldn’t interfere.  The event, as mentioned in this post’s title, is at Sakamai on the Lower East Side at the corner of Ludlow and Stanton.

Starting out with the important aspect of cost, the fee is $35 online @ http://liquid-omakase.bpt.me and $40 at the door.  This gets you 3 cocktails made by Raphael Reyes and one pour of Mizu Shochu.  Though I generally like the idea of most events at Sakamai, the fact that this one is also sponsored by Mizu Shochu also further peaked my interest due to them showing up in the news..  Mizu Shochu recently sponsored the premier party of HBO’s & Tom Donahue’s documentary “Casting By” and was highlighted for the tasty “Sting” bloody mary made with their shochu. Though my mixed drinks are “chef’s choice” I do hope that I get to try the Sting on Friday.  Chef for this event is Raphael Reyes, who may be either this accomplished bartender or this former president of Columbia.  Either way I am pretty excited.

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