Japan Block Party – June 15th in the East Village **UPDATE**

Image Courtesy of TableFor2.

Image Courtesy of TableFor2.

So this week information about the East Village Japan Block Party was finally posted.  Starting with the bad news, it looks like there are no vendors selling shochu.  The good news is that this street fair looks far more interesting than the Mozarella Arepas, NY Times subscription, 3 dollar socks booths that I normally experience at street fairs in New York.  The event starts at 12pm and lasts until 5pm.  The location is on 3rd avenue from 7th street to St. Marks Place.

There will be a stage for Japanese singers and dancing acts.  What’s a bit odd is that the stage is supposedly setup on 3rd Avenue between 13th and 14th street.  It taken literally this would put the stage 5 blocks away from the food.  Potentially the street fair is a 7 block party instead of a 1 block party.  I think if you make it to St. Marks Place, it should be easy to see where the party is at.  Once you find the stage, note that acts will be performing only from 12-4pm.  If you arrive too late, you’ll miss the entertainment.  Beyond the singers and dancers, NASCAR driver Akinori Ogata will be in attendance.  It’s not really stated what he’ll be doing or how accessible he’ll be for the Japanese NASCAR fans out there.

The biggest plus is the food.  There are over 25 vendors signed up providing food and drink.  Classics such as okonomiyaki, yakisoba, Japanese curry, sushi, and tea are to be had.  It’s supposed to almost 80 degrees tomorrow, so if you need to cool off, do it with tea from Table for Two.  Not only will it re-hydrate you, but you’ll also be contributing to a good cause.



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