Shima Senryo Imo Shochu

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Image courtesy of Joto Sake

Image courtesy of Joto Sake

Type: Imo Shochu (Sweet Potato)
Koji: Both Black and White Koji is used
Region: Kyushu
Prefecture: Kagoshima
Proof: 50
Available in USA: Yes

Shima Senryo Imo (Sweet Potato) Shochu is produced by the Takasaki Distillery in Kagoshima prefecture. Though they have been around for 100 years, Takasaki Distillery seems to be a boutique Japanese shochu distllery that has a small following and a small footprint on the web.  That said, this just makes the enjoyable experience that much more rewarding.

Shima Senryo Imo (sweet potato) shochu is made in a unique manner.  First, it uses both white koji and black koji in the distilling process.  Second, the end product is a blend that mixes shochu that has aged for 1 year with shochu that has aged for 5 years.  The idea behind this approach is that the shochu that is aged 1 year brings interesting flavor to the product while the shochu that is aged 5 years brings a smoothness that makes it easy to drink.  The result is an experience is unlike most other imo shochu.  It’s initial flavor is reminiscent of an un-aged awamori, but then it has a smooth finish that is similar to a kome (rice) shochu.  This makes Shima Senryo Imo shochu interesting yet quite easy to drink.

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  1. Exploring Shochu

    On your Shima Senryu Imo review for the last paragraph you discuss Kintaro Baisen Mugi. Not sure whether you inadvertently referred to Shima as Kintaro or you have two reviews that ran into each other.

  2. Post author

    Exploring Shochu, welcome to Shochyu Distilled! You are right, it appears that our editor had an issue publishing the article, and this has since been removed. Thank you for your attention!


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