Haamonii Shochu – MIA???

Image care of Tinou Bao

Image care of Tinou Bao

In covering shochu news we at Shochu Distilled take care to pay special attention to the American shochu distillers.  Potentially the most famous amongst these is Haamonii Smooth.  Haamonii Smooth is based in the Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco California.  They are best known for their Regular and lemon infused shochu.

Recently I made efforts to review their shochu, but came across some unexpected roadblocks.  Their websites http://haamoniismooth.com and http://shareharmony.com both now redirect to BlueHost’s default page.  In looking at their Facebook page it looks like the last post on what was a very active Facebook page was on September 22 of 2012.  In speaking with fellow blogger EveryDayDrinker, they seem to not know of Haamonii’s recent whereabouts either.  The one positive bit of news is that their shochu is still available at D & M Liquors, which is also based in Pacific Heights.  So the question is, does anyone know what happened to Haamonii Shochu?

3 thoughts on “Haamonii Shochu – MIA???

  1. KC Sheehan

    No idea what happened to Haamonii, but I also don’t think they were actually distilling their product. I believe EvenStar is the only commercial honkaku (authentic) shochu batch crafted in America. You should check out our website.

    Kanpai !

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  3. Exploring Shochu

    From what I understand, they are retrenching and not particularly focused on growing the brand at this time.

    Another “domestic” shochu to watch is one that is coming from Hawaii. It’s a honkaku imo shochu that is distilled in Hawaii and the distiller apprenticed at Manzen Shuzo in Kagoshima:




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