Bungo Taro Mugi Shochu

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Image care of SaikiBrand

Image care of SaikiBrand

Distillery: BUNGO MEIJYO Co.
Type: Mugi Shochu (Barley)
Koji: Black
Region: Kyushu
Prefecture: Oita
Proof: 40
Available in USA: No

Bungo Taro Mugi Shochu (Barley) is produced by the Bungo Meijyo Distillery in Oita prefecture as their entry level Japanese shochu.  Bungo Meijyo’s claim to fame is that their Mugi (Barley) shochu is made with all organic ingredients of the highest quality.  There is little coverage of this distillery, though their website notes their onsite nature preserver and golf course.  If one finds themselves in Oita, you could think of a worse way to spend a day than touring this distillery.

Bungo Taro Mugi shochu has a floral bouquet about it.  In fact, the flower I pick up most is petunia.  The flavor is a bit more interesting than your average mugi (barley) shochu, displaying faint notes of apricot and peach.  After the floral fruity start I could taste just a bit of pistachio.  All of these flavors, though present, are by no means strong.  Bungo Taro shochu would not be confused with a full flavored imo shochu or awamori.  Surprisingly, it finishes with a burn that is a bit stronger than is to be expected for a 40 proof mugi (barley) shochu.  If I had one critique of Bungo Taro Shochu, it would be that I would enjoy this shochu far more if the fruits and florals stood out a bit more and were not so subtle.

Bungo Taro Mugi Shochu is incredibly hard to find.  Oddly enough, there seems to be more stores selling it online in Germany as in Japan.  If you do find it in Japan, it should be priced around 1,000 yen, a little less than $10 USD.  If you are shopping to fill your 2 bottle custom’s quota, there may be more memorable bottles to bring back. If I find it state side, or I have a chance to try some of their more high end bottles, I’ll deffinitely make efforts to update this page.

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