Sudachi Chu Shochu

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SudachiChu                sudachi

Kanji: いいちこ
Type: Sudachi Shochu
Koji: –
Region: Shikoku
Prefecture: Tokushima
Proof: 40
Available in USA: Yes

Sudachi Chu is such a great Japanese shochu.  Hailing from Shikoku, its great to see distillers outside of Kyushu succeed.  Sudachi Chu is made with the fruit Sudachi.  This fruit is native to Tokushima, which is just across the bay from Osaka Japan.  Sudachi tastes like a cross between lemon and lime with a bit of orange.  It is often used in yuzu, or as a garnish for fresh dishes such as fish or soba.

It’s fairly possible to describe Sudachi Chu in just 2 words.  “Mellow Yellow”.  In 5 words, we can increase the accuracy. “Mellow Yellow with a dash of vodka.”  Sudachi Chu  is much sweeter than other shochu, to the point where it is hard to compare.  In Japan there is a drink called Chu-Hi.  This is a wine cooler like drink that tastes like shochu that is mixed with sweet fruit flavors.  Sudachi Chu sits between normal shochu and these Chu-Hi drinks.  Being made with fruit, it retains its citrus aroma.  This is closest described as being grapefruit like in nature.  For those who are health conscious about their drinks, not only is Sudachi Chu low in calories, but also contains vitamin C.

Though I’ve occasionally seen Sudachi Chu Shochu in restaurants, I’ve not found it for sale online.  If we come across it in an online store, we’ll update this post.  In restaurants, it is moderately priced, so it should reflect this if available in a store near you.  For those who like their drinks on sweeter side, say someone who prefers vodka gimlets, Sudachi Chu Shochu packs most of the flavor without the powdered sugar necessary to sweeten it up.


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