100 types of Shochu in 100 days

With the advent of this website, Shochu Distilled wanted a unique way to bring all that is Shochu to our readers.   We bring you 100 types of Shochu in 100 days.  We will sample and review 100 types of shochu and write about them over the next 100 days.  Not only do we hope to provide you with useful shochu reviews, but provide an interesting commentary on the shochu scene in New York City.

Day 1, ventured to a liquor store on Wall Street called Rosetta Wines and Spirits.  They had 6 different types of sake, no shochu. From there I ventured to Columbus Wines and Spirits.  They had 1 type of shochu made by Iichiko.  In the vodka section.  I elected to not buy this, and save it for a future emergency.  Instead I ventured home and opened a bottle of Kuro Kirishima.  Shopping could be problematic during the next 100 days.

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