First Post, First Shochu – Tan Taka Tan Review


It’s only fitting that the first review on is for the first Japanese shochu that I drank almost 10 years ago Tan Taka Tan, also often spelled as Tantakatan.  Early in my career I found myself living in Osaka with little knowledge about the country and culture.  Western alcohol was either expensive or hard to find and Japanese drinks were intimidating.  One night coming home from work I decided to get a bottle of Tan Taka Tan.  From the bottle I knew it was shochu and at 950 yen (at the time about $8.00 USD) for a small bottle I didn’t feel like i had much to loose.  After taking it home I found it to be refreshing and enjoyable. Tan Taka Tan is a Shiso Shochu.  Shiso is also known as Perilla.  Perilla is a part of the mint family.  This lends itself to it TanTakaTan having a very light and with little aftertaste but a fairly full perfume.  The combination of such personality with no aftertaste is unique.  Despite having tried hundreds of shochu’s that are more expensive, this bottle is still one of my favorites today. Factoring its incredibly reasonable price, Tan Taka Tan punches way above its weight class  The bad news with this shochu is that I have not found it within the United States.  This shochu seems easily available in Singapore, Australia, Canada, but not the United States. I will check around and if I find a local store I’ll update the post.  Until then, if you’re searching for a bottle to bring back from Japan, you could do far worse than Tan Taka Tan.

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